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About Us

UniCeSV - Centre for the strategic development of the Italian wine sector is a research centre of the GESAAF Department of the University of Florence.


The Centre supports the competitive development of the wine sector, acting both at the applied research and at the educational levels.

Established in 2004, UniCeSV's main research activities are implemented in five different Observatories, while its educational role is carried out through the organization of a Post-graduate Master in "Wine Management" and a PhD in  “Sustainable management of agricultural, food and forest resources XXXI cycle”.
The Centre also promotes research activities through specific Conferences and Lectures organised with public and private bodies involved in the wine sector.
Thanks to the promotion of several events, UniCeSV is actively contributing to the improvement of the sector’s human resources, bringing together tradition, innovation and the knowledge of the markets.

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MWM 2016
Master in Wine Management a.a. 2015/2016
Lectures start Jan. 2016

PhD in Wine Economic and Rural Development XXXI cycle


From March to May, UniCeSV, together with INAS, is promoting a cycle of Lectures.                  



The scientific production

The Journal brings together academic researchers and business professionals  interested in the economics and policy of wine around the world.


Recent Publications

The Centre’s research activities (including the contributions and the proceedings of Conferences and Seminars) are regularly published in a series of books and articles.


Environmental, social and economic sustainability of the wine supply chain

Proceedings of a Seminar on the social responsibility of the Italian wine industry.

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The culture of wine within the values of historical knowledge and market strategies. Historical-iconographic volume.


Qualità e tracciabilità della filiera vino, per la tutela del consumatore e la competitività delle imprese

Quality and Traceability of the Wine production chain. In collaboration with INAS.

Wine Business Case Studies:: Thirteen Cases from the Real World of Wine Business Management

Thirteen case studies about wine business by internationally renowned scholars.


An analysis of the key indicators related to supply and demand for wine in Italy and in the world